This is a place to host some of the online resources we will use for our research/inquiry studies.


Haiku Deck (A great web tool/iPad app for creating simple, yet beautiful slideshow presentations)

Around the World


Many Countries:

Time for Kids: Around the World

San Diego Zoo Kids Site

National Geographic Kids: Animals and Pets


BrainPop Jr. Habitats

BrainPop Jr. Animals
Surprising Sharks Padlet

Shark Wonders Lino It

Google Sheet with Questions for Jillian (Shark Expert)

Shark Tracker

Sharks 4 Kids

National Geographic Kids-Great White Sharks

Kidzone Sharks

Wonderopolis: What is the largest shark?

Wonderopolis: How many sharks are in the ocean?

Oceanic Research Group: Sharks

BrainPopJr. Fish (sharks are part of the video)


Wonderopolis: Why do Spiders Spin Webs?

National Geographic Kids Daddy Long Legs--Is it a Spider?

Jumping Spiders!

All About Spiders

Spider Facts

Excerpt from Wild Kratts Spider Episode

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