Meet Me!

We were in the middle of a Mystery Number
Skype with Tennessee when our interactive whiteboard
and Apple TV stopped communicating! No matter!
We are flexible and were able to keep talking to the other 
class without skipping a beat. I believe learning to
be creative problem solvers is a crucial life skill, and I try
to model this for my students as often as possible. 
Hi! I'm Erin Sorenson, and this is my thirteenth year with the Colchester School District. Before teaching first grade, I taught Reading Recovery and Kindergarten. I received my master's degree in reading from St. Michael's College in 2007. My husband and I are originally from Michigan, and we enjoy visiting our families in the summertime (we're both teachers). William (Will), my first baby, was born July 28, 2008. My second son, Patrick James, was born March 11, 2010. I live in Burlington with my husband Justin, my two sons, and my cat Peso.

I am passionate about integrating technology into learning. We use many different technologies in my classroom to connect, collaborate, and share. I am technology leader at UMS, and I also represent our school on the district technology committee. Besides this blog, you can find me on Twitter: 

@Erin1stGrade (professional account) 
and @Sorenson1st (classroom account).

My husband, Justin, is a great racing partner!
This photo is from a race in Traverse City, MI.
In my spare time, I love to read, run, and be outdoors. My favorite race distance is the half marathon, although I've started running more 15K races (9.3 miles) and I've enjoyed that as well! I also love to travel, especially to warm and sunny destinations. One of my favorite places in the world is Lake Michigan. It reminds me a lot of Cape Cod, but with fresh water rather than salt water
My family lives in a neighborhood near
Lake Champlain, and we enjoy going to
the community beach, no matter the season!

Patrick (front) and Will (back) 
are brothers and best friends.

I like to ski, and I learned to alpine ski
when we first moved to Vermont in
2001. I've been cross-country skiing
since I was a child.

Without question, the beach in this photo
is my ultimate "happy place." It's both near
my family and fantastically peaceful and
beautiful. (Peterson Road beach in Empire,

This is my family in July 2013 at my son Will's 5th
birthday party at my family's home in Traverse City,