In first grade, we have three science units of study: Weather, Solids and Liquids, and The Life Cycle of a Chicken (hatching chicks). Below are some links we'll use during our science studies.

General Science
Lawrence Hall of Science
PBS Kids Science Games
Discovery Kids

5 Seriously Amazing Science Education Websites (blog post with descriptions and links)

Life Cycle of a Chicken:
This video will be referred to multiple times during the incubation of our eggs to help us understand what's happening inside:

Assigned Videos:
General life cycle video by Sheppard Software
Make Me Genius Animal Life Cycle
Scholastic Study Jams Life Cycle Video

Other Resources:
Teacher-created website about chicken life cycle
Chick Poem
Chick hatching video (Sesame Street)
Museum of Science and Industry Chicago-Chick Hatchery 

Solids and Liquids:

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    I loved all the i movies! I just cant stop watching
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