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Blogging with Blogger
Erin Sorenson
May 7th, 2014

Created by me (Erin Sorenson)

Blogging Wiki: This wiki was created specifically for a Colchester inservice workshop in March 2012. Through this site you can find things you'll need to be a successful blogger--and more!

Link to blogs at Union Memorial School (K-2):

Links to blogs at Malletts Bay School (3-5):

Here are links to materials about blogging from other sources:

Blog, Baby, Blog: Probably my favorite post from a teacher blogger about getting started with blogging and then what to do when you want things to be a bit fancier. 

Teacher Blogging Basics: How to Start a Blog: Another great "how to" resource from popular teacher/blogger, "The Teacher Wife"

Erin's blog posts that highlight specific technologies that can be easily embedded or linked to blogs--this has not been updated since March 2012:

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