Word Study

Sight Words
Students are expected to know 85% or more of the first 100 Fry sight words by the end of first grade.
You can find a list of the first 100 Fry Words here.

We will assess your child's knowledge of words 1-40 in November, 1-70 in February, and 1-100 in May.

Here are some additional resource for the Fry sight words, including the first 100 words (and beyond, for those who are ready for more):

Fry Word Lists (1-1,000) in PDF form

Fry Spelling Practice Activities

Website with info about Fry words, including lists and printable activities

Sight Word Phrases to print for practice

Sight Word Powerpoint "Flashcards"

Spelling Websites/Links
To practice all words:
Spelling City!

To practice word family words:
Chicken Stacker
Picture Match

To practice sight words:
Sight Word Bingo
Dragon Sight Word Spelling

Making Words:
Magnetic Letters