Saturday, June 9, 2012

Field Day

As many of you know, Field Day 2012 was a great success! It was a gorgeous day, students were on their best behavior, and there were many fun activities ready for us at Airport Park. Enjoy the photos!

Tammie Wirtz took  many great photos which can be accessed by clicking here: More Field Day Photos

I could not figure out an efficient way to include them in my existing slideshow, but she captured some excellent moments, including the class surprising me with a scrapbook of their memories of me and the school year. I was touched!

I will send an email sometime this weekend with details about the last day of school and I will try to do another blog post if time allows. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Fabulous pictures!!! So sorry the school year is coming to an end. We loved your blog.It made us feel apart of your class, even though we are in CT.
    Many thank for all you did in helping to form the children's lives in such a positive way. Jack's Grandma