Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Successful First Day!

I am so proud of all the new first graders. What a great first day! There's a lot of teacher talk in the first few days, as there is so much  new to explain and show about our classroom and the routines. But, we did many fun activities throughout the day, both inside and outside of the classroom--it wasn't all just learning new routines! :-) I took a few photos when I had the opportunity today, which wasn't often. As I said, we were busy! Here are some of our first day photos in the form of an Animoto video. Now that I have all permission slips, this is the version with everyone included. :-)

Stay tuned for a post about our student teacher Miss Justine Dube! She is already such an integral part of our classroom, and I know your students will have a great semester with her (she will be with us through the end of November).

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  1. Thanks for posting, great to see lots of smiles on the first day!