Thursday, November 15, 2012

Champ, turkeys, and measurement...oh my! (And more...)

Hello! It was a cold, sunny, and productive day in Room 6 at UMS! We've been in "wrap-up" mode. Our Community Helpers unit is coming to a close, we've started the publishing process again in Writing Workshop, and we put the finishing touches on some projects. 

Your child will be bringing home his/her report card tomorrow afternoon. The report card format is different than in previous years, so if you're familiar with the old first grade report card, you will notice that it looks different. Most of the grading criteria is the same. I will go over the report card with you at your child's conference next week. But, if you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to send me an email.

Enjoy these photos, and be sure to read the captions for more information!

Students made these fantastic, movable "Champ" puppets during their art class today. I think they are wonderful!
Students have been taking turns wearing the "Whiz of Is" crowns this week. This is just another fun way to help students remember our SWR "red words." :-)
Students made fringe cut turkeys this week--aren't they cute?! They spent some time today writing about what they are thankful for. The turkeys are displayed in the hallway and you can view them on conference day. 
Students have been working very hard on their lap books for our Community Helpers unit. These will come home soon. The iMovie will also be ready soon. I will post it this weekend, as soon as Miss Dube finishes her final edits. :-)
We have truly diligent workers in our classroom--I am truly impressed!
Hands down--Work on Writing in the most popular Daily 5 literacy station. These students love to write!
Students are logging onto RAZ-Kids at least once per week during classroom time. Remember, your child can log onto RAZ-Kids for extra reading/comprehension practice at home too. Most children really enjoy using this website. It can be accessed through this blog on the right-hand sidebar. 
Book Clubs are what I call our classroom reading groups. Your child meets with a teacher for small group reading instruction at least once per week, in addition to one-to-one conferencing. So far, the Book Clubs are going very well!
Students have been learning about ways to improve their "Small Moment" stories as we begin the publishing process. Today, students practiced editing a mixed up piece written by Miss Dube. What a great way to practice what it means to edit/revise writing to make it better. Everyone was very engaged.
Revising with Miss Dube.
Measuring to the nearest inch is one of the newest math skills we've been practicing. Students have also had fun measuring with non-standard units of measurement--their feet, fingers, hands, paperclips, cubes, and more!
"How Tall am I?" is a game that practices measurement. Many students played this game during their math station rotations today. Others may choose to play it tomorrow. There are other measuring activities open at the Hands On math station as well.
One of our new word families this week was the -ing family. Did you child bring home his/her "King of -ing" crown yet? I hope everyone remembers that -i-n-g says "ing"! Sometimes projects like this do the trick!

Have a great weekend, and I will see you on Monday or Tuesday for conferences!

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