Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today's Tidbits

It was a great Monday! I did send homework, though, much to several children's dismay. Some didn't quite make it all the way home and was rescued from the floor--let me know if your child came home without homework and I'll send it again.

Here are some photos from today... The beginning of our reading workshop unit on nonfiction was kicked off with a discussion of what distinguishes fiction from nonfiction text. Students then sorted a variety of books into those two categories. We talked about how it can sometimes be tricky to tell them apart without looking at both the cover and inside of the book for more information. In a nutshell--nonfiction books teach and fiction books are made up stories. The memory trick we use is Fiction=Fake story (both start with F) and NonFiction=Not Fake, but true). Simplistic definitions, but it helps.

On another note--we enjoyed the sun today at recess! And I got a kick out of our die-hard soccer players out on the field in knee-deep snow. I had to get a few photos of that! I love sparkling snow...my explanation for the last photo. :-) Have a great week!

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