Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More interest-based inquiry

Have you heard about our visitor today? A frog hitched a ride in a student's backpack onto Bus 13 and into UMS. Once I heard the rumor, the little guy was set free...but not before I snapped a few photos. Naturally, students were abuzz with excitement about this! Students were so excited and many questions. So, once again (hooray for an inquiry mindset!), our reading mini-lesson time was devoted to answering two "burning questions." First, was this a frog or a toad? Second, what are those large, disc-like circles next to its eyes? Our research led us to many more questions and "Wow!" moments as we learned new and interesting facts about frogs. Some of our findings are below, in an annotated photograph we created with an iPad using the Skitch app. And, just when we thought we had determined the differences between frogs and toads, a student read the statement, "All toads are frogs." in one of our nonfiction texts. We'll resume our thinking and conversation tomorrow. :-)

In the "Skitch" below, we were trying to determine if the 'creature' was a frog or a toad. Our evidence that it's a frog is written in pink, with info about toads written in green. We used two nonfiction texts about frogs as our research sources.

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