Sunday, June 12, 2011

Step-Up/The last day of school

It really is hard to believe the last day of school is here. It's always such a bittersweet day-- there's excitement about the summer and sadness about saying goodbye to old friends and a familiar, happy routine. But, I know your children will love 2nd grade, as my colleagues are amazing and your children are ready for new challenges... :-)

Last week, students wrote a book for the incoming first graders entitled, The Scoop about First Grade. They heard a similar book written back last year's class at Step-Up Day last June. In the book, they tell the new 1st graders things that they will learn about and do in 1st grade. I will read it tomorrow at Step-Up Day. The new 1st graders will also watch our class sing "Take Me Out for Some Ice Cream," which is the very first song I taught them way back in August. Your children will meet their new teacher tomorrow in their new 2nd grade classroom. It's always a VERY exciting day! :-)

Please send your child to school tomorrow with an extra bag--a reusable grocery bag or the plastic variety will do. Many students have a water bottle (or two) to bring home, along with some artwork that did not make it home last week. Their backpacks might not hold it all, and I want to be sure it makes it home safely. 

Missing a water bottle? These were all in the classroom. I like that your children want to stay hydrated! :-)
My parting gift to students and some student artwork...all waiting to come home tomorrow! 

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