Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday 2011

I had some quality time with the iPad on our 15-hour drive to Michigan to visit family. I am learning how to use iMovie so we can use it in class. The video below is my first iMovie creation--made in the backseat of my car wedged between Patrick and Will. :-) We're here in Michigan now and having a great time! I hope you enjoy this video. It's a peek into the pre-holiday fun that happened in Room 6 last week. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Mrs. Sorenson,

    I am unable to view the recent video, it just says that this "video is private". Not sure if anyone else is getting that same message or if it is just my computer....

    Thank you and I hope that you enjoy the remainder of your vacation!

    Holli Brigante

  2. We just loved watching the video! Happy New Year to you and your first grade class.
    Jack's Grandparents