Monday, December 5, 2011

School-Wide Meeting

Part of our school's Responsive Classroom approach to teaching and learning includes getting together regularly as a school community. We have a school-wide meeting each month and different teachers, students, and classes lead the school in a greeting, share, and activity. An adult reads the "News and Announcements." Our class enjoyed leading the greeting for the November school-wide meeting, and this time we enjoyed being excellent audience members and participating when appropriate. Here are a few photos from last Thursday's meeting.

These two students helped Mrs. Flanagan demonstrate a greeting. They were so brave to go up in front of the entire school!
Hooray for Ella and Jameela (and Mrs. Flanagan)!
Ms. Barnes class shared their thankfulness turkey. Isn't it wonderful?! Students shared their thankful writing.
Mrs. Hughes' class lead us in a super fun song with movements called "Concert Maestro." It's an old favorite at UMS, but it was new to most everyone in the audience.

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