Sunday, April 15, 2012

The iPads in action

Our class is enjoying exploring the iPads. We often use a set of 5 iPads for small group station time during Reading Workshop, SWR, and Math. So far, students  have had a lot of freedom in which apps to use. All of the apps on the iPads were pre-screened to ensure appropriate content and relevance to education. Since having regular access to this device is so new, I wanted to allow ample opportunity for students to explore. We are now at a point when students will still have some choice of apps to use, but their time with iPads will be more focused and will sometimes require a "product" at the end. 

Busy blogger!

For example, students  have learned to access their KidBlog on the iPad and are creating posts/commenting on others' posts. They are also creating presentations about things they've learned using the Educreations app.

Have you noticed the new theme on our Kidblog?
Students had some "aha!" moments while using a letter formation app (their choice). They realized that it wouldn't "pass" them to the next letter unless they showed they knew the proper formation. Great practice!

Recently, I've been teaching students how to use iMovie, so creating iMovies in small groups is something coming up soon. This week, students will learn how to take a video on the iPad and will then have a choice of whether to create a simple movie with the Camera app or create a more elaborate video using iMovie. They will be creating "how to" videos to go along with our latest unit of study in writing. Stay tuned!

Here's a how-to iMovie we created together on Friday:

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