Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teaching Mrs. Sorenson

We are currently working on a procedural unit (how-to) in writing workshop. To reinforce the importance of using detail in our writing, I asked students to write a how-to about going down the slide or swinging on the swings. I told them that we would randomly choose some of their directions to test--out on the playground. I think several students thought I was joking until we actually got out there and I actually followed their directions to accomplish those tasks! They were very well written pieces. We did find some areas to revise, which was the whole point. Of course I know how to get down the slide and to swing, but we need to write in such deteail that we could teach someone who didn't know how to do these things. This was great fun, and the student photographers did an excellent job. :-)

So, I'm sitting on the slide. Now what? How do I get down? :-)
Wow! That twisty slide is FAST!
Learning how to stop. Fun!

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