Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Before vacation...catching up a bit

It was a very busy week before vacation, so I didn't do a lot of blogging. There were some exciting happenings, though! See the photos below for a glimpse of some of the events from the week of April 16th. It was great to see many of you for our Red Clover evening on Thursday, April 19th. I did not take photos at that event (the pig puppet activity was MUCH to busy for me to stop to take pictures), but it seemed like a good time was had by all.

It was Spirit Week at UMS! This is a picture from hat day. 
We've enjoyed using the website Into the Book to review and practice reading comprehension strategies.  Check it out  if you haven't already.   
Showing our work using iPads and the Apple TV continues to be a favorite way to practice skills and share our learning.Counting base ten blocks was the focus of this lesson.

Red Clover afternoon at school on April 19th was a bit hit! It began with a skit performed by many UMS staff members. They acted out scenes from the Red Clover books and students had to guess the book. What fun! Students then went to two different book-related art activities. Ask your child what she did and whose classroom he/she visited that day. 
Mr. T acts out Stand Straight, Ella Kate
Mr. Antonicci and other teachers helped recreate Nabeel's New Pants
Bink and Gollie was a very popular book!
I led an activity related to the book Art and Max by David Weisner. Students from all grade levels and many different classrooms came to read the book and create some lizard artwork!

On the Friday before vacation, we Skyped with a class in Georgia. We gave clues about our location and they guessed where we were. We did the same to figure out their location. It was a great way to help students think more about U.S. geography! We also compared climate and weather. It was fun to Skype in pajamas, since it was pajama day at UMS. 
It was hard to figure out their location, and vice versa. We used all of our clues to help them!
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