Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The eggs have arrived!

If you haven't heard about this, I'd be extremely surprised, but THE EGGS HAVE ARRIVED! The much-anticipated chick hatching science unit has begun. We are now studying the life cycle of a chicken, and we have the privilege of incubating 13 chicken eggs with the hopes that in 21 days we'll be the proud "parents" of 13 healthy chicks! Yesterday we prepared the incubator, and today we set the eggs in the incubator. Stay tuned for more news about our eggs...

We're excited to put these eggs in the incubator!
Our lovely nurse, Mrs. Kelly, talked to students about the importance of careful hand washing (for our health and the health of the developing chicks) since students may have the opportunity to turn the chick eggs. She washed each egg and I marked each one with an X and an O and a number. The letters help us keep track of which eggs we've turned and the numbers will allow us to track the growth inside each egg. We will be looking inside each egg on Monday to check development through a process called candling. 
A student held the incubator cover while I set the eggs in. I really didn't feel nervous holding them like that, but looking at the picture makes my stomach drop! Good thing I waited tables for many years--great balance!  
Replacing the incubator will now only be opened for turning the eggs (ask you child how many times per day we are supposed to turn the eggs) and taking the eggs out to be candled. How warm should the incubator be? Ask a 1st grader!
Our 1st egg turners! Their badges say, "Official Egg Turner: I turned an egg today. Ask me how!" This group is also working on a short iMovie about this first stage in hatching chicks. Watch for it to be posted soon...

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