Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Grade Notebooks

Has your child shared his/her first grade notebook with you yet? We started these on Monday, and they have been quite popular so far. What is a first grade notebook? Quite simply, it's a composition notebook. Right now, it's divided into two sections--one for our Monday journal entries (writing), and one for math. The old Monday Journals will go home tomorrow and are your child's to keep. They were getting quite worn and the children were simply ready for a different format for writing. The new notebook has many more lines for writing and is just more sophisticated. :-) We will add more sections in the coming days, as this will be a place for keeping notes and keeping track of learning across subject areas. I have told children that they may bring it home to share, but they must try to bring them back the next day, since they will be used often. If your child has their notebook at home, please help your child remember to bring it back the next day. Thank you!

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