Thursday, April 4, 2013

Super Science!

This week, we've focused on thinking about how matter changes state--how solids become liquids, liquids become solids, and how solids and liquids can combine to make new solids or new liquids. This week so far, some students helped make "Oobleck" and everyone enjoyed the process of making pineapple-banana smoothies today (I think drinking them was the most popular part). :-) Students seem to have a good handle on distinguishing solids and liquids and thinking about what causes them to change. Our culminating idea will be thinking about why this all matters(no pun intended!) in our lives. Our next science unit about weather will be a nice connection to this study, since the water cycle and precipitation are a clear connection to the changing states of water (water evaporates and condenses to form clouds, water droplets condense to form rain/snow, etc.). 
Making Oobleck--first group (more students will do this soon!)
Is it a liquid? Is is solid? It is both!

Making Banana-Pineapple Smoothies!
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