Saturday, November 9, 2013

Parent Accounts at KidBlog

A new Kidblog feature was announced yesterday (11-8-13), so if you want to be on the cutting edge, sign up for a Kidblog parent account! :-)

Here's an excerpt from the information on the Kidblog website:

"Parent accounts are more secure than generic Guest accounts because each parent has his or her own login credentials, so it's easier to identify comments and activity by specific parents. And unlike Guest accounts, parents can add an avatar and manage their own password. Teachers can also provide access for parents to see only their child's posts. Parents can be notified by email when their child publishes posts."

For directions on how to set up your parent account with Kidblog, click here. You will still be able to see other students' posts. I think this is important because several parents have commented on other children's blog posts, and they love it! The more support we offer our aspiring bloggers, the better!

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