Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wrapping up our study of Community Helpers

Our Community Helpers unit in social studies will conclude this week with sharing community helper interviews and writing a new blog post on our Kidblogs about what students want to be when they grow up. Last week, we did matching activity as a class in which students matched each community helper person with the tools he/she needs for the job. This is pictured below. Currently, students are working on a mini-book about what they might like to do as a job when they grow up, which will become part of their blog posts.

We were treated to a visit from the Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Department on Monday, October 28th. Since it was pouring rain, we did not get to go out to see the trucks and all of the equipment. Captain Jeff Leete assured me we could schedule a field trip to the firehouse (just down the street from our school) to see everything up close in person. We're excited to make that happen!

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