Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy 100th Day!

We had a snowy, busy, and fun 100th day today! Here's a brief snapshot of some of what we did--more to come, but I'm pretty exhausted after a whirlwind day!
We began our day with a BrainPop Jr. video about 100.
Students worked on their 100th Day Digital Project plans...lots more on this to come!
One student wanted to count 100 books!
These students counted and built with 100 Legos!
100 buttons...
Creating a PicCollage to document the counting/creation.
We searched for (and found!) 100 Hershey Kisses numbered 1-100!

10 pieces of 10 things=a 100th Day snack!
Our 100th Day crowns have 100 tally marks too!

Students also did a 100th Day activity each of the four 1st grade classrooms today. Great fun...ask your child to tell you more! Now this teacher needs to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzs!


  1. We haven't had our 100th day yet. Yours looks pretty cool. Maybe we will try some of these things on our 100th day.

    Mrs. Bright's Class

  2. What fun you had on 100th day! We have our 100 day celebration this week. We will let you know what we do as well. Thanks for commenting on our blog we can't wait to comment on yours. Mrs. Schneider's 1st Grade