Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Leading our School-Wide Meeting!

Last Tuesday, we led the school-wide meeting with Mrs. Hughes' class! Many students were quite nervous about this, but everyone did a very good job and I think most actually enjoyed being up in front. We started with a greeting for the whole school called "Where is...?" This song, sung to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?," is a popular greeting in our classroom. When we do this in the classroom, everyone hides. Then I sing, "Where is (person's name)? Where is (person's name)?" and the students respond, "Here I am. Here I am." Then I sing, "How are you today, Miss (or Mr.)?" and they respond, "Very well, I thank you" and I sing, "Come sit down, come sit down." Doing this with the whole school was a little bit different--we sang, "Where is Kindergarten, Where is Kindergarten?" etc. and the grade levels stood up and sang back to us, and then sat back down. There was no hiding involved! ;-) Everyone enjoyed the greeting. Then, we shared our "Community Helpers" iMovie with the school. Since the sound didn't work very well on the speakers in the cafeteria, many classes watched it again back in their classrooms so they could hear what was said. Finally, Mrs. Hughes' class lead the school in the activity--Oliver Twist. What a great School-Wide Meeting! We have these meetings once a month, and pairs of classes are taking turns leading the meeting. Excellent work, first graders!

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