Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's new in 1st grade?

Enjoy a few photos from the end of last week...

Students were officially introduced to blogging, although not very many had a chance to actually create a blog post at school. This week, everyone will have a chance to post, as we should have a normal schedule every day! :-) They are certainly excited to blog, and I will post more about this as soon as all students have had an opportunity to create his/her first post!
Students are creating a great "Me on the Map" circle book for our latest lap book about mapping.  So far, they have created the first three circles for the book: our school, our street (Main St, where UMS is located), and our city (town, really). Tomorrow, we'll work on a page for our state. 
We have had fantastic work times lately. We have very hard workers in our class! They know that "Quality work takes time," and they certainly produce quality work! 
We are an amazing community of readers. :-)
Happy with books--what more could I ask for?
Miss Dube stopped by and she gave all of us a gift and we gave her the second part of our gift--the tote bag with books!
We had our picture taken for the yearbook on Friday afternoon, wearing our Champ t-shirts. I had mine on too, but I wanted to capture Miss Dube with the students since she happened to wear hers when she came for a visit! Nice planning!
We did a fun math/art project on Friday. Students created a snowy nighttime background with crayons/watercolor paint and then measured strips of green paper to create a measurement Christmas tree. The measurements were 1-7", but I gave them the freedom to use the pieces they felt made their trees look "right" to them. They are gorgeous and will be hanging in the hallway soon!
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  1. Great pictures! I can't wait to see the Christmas trees up close.

  2. Molly is soooo Excited about her blog! Especially because Alex had done one in class a few weeks ago.... Really cool!!