Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recent happenings

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the annual UMS holiday sing-along. I wish our school were large enough to host everyone for this event--it is always so amazing! Kudos to Martie Mutz, our music teacher, for putting together such a fantastic program. One of our students was chosen to be a drummer for an African holiday song. She played wonderfully! 

Here are a few photos of the past two days in first grade..just a glimpse into the very busy days we've had!

Way to go, Miss A! Excellent drumming!
The annual "Jingle Bell Rock" performance by the teachers/staff. :-)
I LOVE Writing Workshop in our classroom. It's just such a productive and peaceful time of our day. (We are working hard on learning new vocabulary in first grade--today we talked about the word, "productive.") Can your child tell you what it means? Everyone loves Sharing Circle after writing time! 
We have some wonderful glittery poinsettias gracing the walls outside our classroom. The class learned that poinsettias are a popular Christmas decoration in Mexico (and here in the USA too). 
Students can now use a whiteboard during our calendar math time (math meeting). This has helped students become more engaged in the learning that happens during this important part of our math time. During our calendar math time, we discuss the date and the number of days we've been in school. We also practice counting coins, tally marks, and base-10 blocks. We  create number models for the 'number of the day,' as well as coin combinations that total that number. We also sing songs about the calendar, money, and numbers. 
Our 'Calendar Helper' leads the math meeting.
Wow! Check out this fantastic work with numbers!

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