Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The brief spell of warmer weather has been invigorating! We are working on a rainbow art project to brighten the room, and our new "book clubs" are now meeting (as of last Wednesday). These reading groups changed somewhat after my last round of reading assessments. Our groups right now include readers who need practice and instruction with similar skills (e.g. word solving strategies, comprehension, fluency, etc.). Watch for your child to resume bringing "book club books" home to read with you each week.

We also started 'All About' books in Reading Workshop, as a way to bridge our learning about nonfiction reading with the creation of pieces of nonfiction. We began by discussing our interests and topics we feel we know a lot about. We discussed that nonfiction authors are experts, or specialists, about the topics they write about and they likely care about these things and want to teach others about them. Some of our expert topics include art, soccer, hockey, martial arts, baseball, animals, cows, cats, and dogs. Everyone seems excited to get going with their books! They created the covers today.

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