Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arrival of the chicks

Breaking News: It is possible that children will not be permitted to hold the chicks due to concerns regarding Salmonella. While this decision has not been confirmed, please be aware that this is a possibility and may change a portion of our celebration on Friday. However, the celebration will still go on! Please refer to this article for more information.

Chick Hatch Update:
As I posted yesterday, Monday was our surprise hatch day, and we were fortunate enough to be there when several of the eggs hatched! In case you haven't heard, we had a decent, not great hatch. As I told the children, we did everything we were supposed to do and if the eggs didn't hatch and/or the chicks weren't healthy, we need to realize we did our best! We placed 13 eggs in the incubator and 7 hatched. Six of those seem to be healthy chicks, and one was not healthy and did not live. Considering that a hatch rate of 50% is considered normal, we did pretty well. Our neighbors across the hall in Mrs. Kelly's class had a 100% hatch rate, so they kindly allowed us to adopt three of their chicks, so we now have 9 in our brooding tank.

The next two photos show students watching chicks hatch via our live iPad feed--the iPad was placed on the incubator window and the action was "mirrored" to our interactive whiteboard for us all to watch.

I love the looks on the students' faces in this picture!
Egg Watch duty became Chick Watch duty. So much fun to see how chicks behave!
Students are working hard on their All About Chicks books!
We will share these books on Friday.
Our guests of honor. :-)
We are working on a cool science/art project to share on Friday as well. This is a sneak peek of one phase of the project. 

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