Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays!

It is hard to take pictures on days like today when so much is going on! It was a happy day at school, with projects and our party and the general excitement about the vacation to come! Here are some of the photos I captured today!
Note: Many photos occurred at dismissal time so a lot of students had already gone home. :(  

In the photos below, students are opening the class gift from Mrs. Lucier and I! We decided to make our gift a "learning gift" this year. Students seemed thrilled to receive their own set of dice, twenty red and white chips to use for games, a notebook, a pencil, a candy cane, and a packet of games they can play using dice/chips. The opening process is pictured below, as well as the actual gift everyone received. If your child does not have his/her gift, it's because it was left behind at school.

Our holiday party was certainly spirited and pretty crowded! Thanks to all who were able to make it. Students rotated through three stations--snack, ornament making (a glittery reindeer, which also should have made it home with your child...but some were left behind), and cookie decorating. I truly appreciate so many people contributing items to our party and/or coming in to celebrate with us! Thank you!

Students made these "cute as a button" tree-shaped ornaments to give to families as a gift. Finding time to wrap them just didn't happen. I think they turned out very well! I made one too, and it's hanging on my tree with a photo of my boys. Again, this was sent home with every child, but a few were left behind! They are safe and sound in your child's mailboxes to go home after the new year.

Finally, students made these Santas yesterday. My boys keep saying they look like "Pete the Cat," which I think is very funny because I do not see a cat when I look at them, but in any case, it's always a fun project! These few were left behind in the classroom, which is good because I was able to take a picture of them!

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