Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome Back!

I had a wonderful start to my Monday, with many students telling me that they missed school over vacation. :) Wow! It also sounded like many families had fun adventures during Thanksgiving, which made for great writing in the Monday journals. We were going to take a hiatus from our Monday journals for a bit, but that plan was changed due to popular demand. Speaking of writing, I also sent home a stack of older writing from your child's writing folder. Some of these pieces are not finished, and that's ok. Your child can finish them (or not) at home. Keep in mind that we save pieces each month and revise/edit them to keep in your child's "First Grade Writing Binder," which will come home in June.

Here's a look at some parts of our day...

We practiced measuring during math-- with Unifix Cubes and standard rulers. We measured to the nearest inch with rulers.

There's not much snow left, but that doesn't stop students from making a snow man during recess!

Everyone will have a chance to be the " Whiz of is" or the "Star of Are" this week---just another fun way to help everyone remember our tricky red words!

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  1. Ruby loved being the star of are! She said it was the best part of her day.