Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Rather than looking back, I decided that my last post for 2013 should be looking forward to 2014. There are many exciting things coming our way in first grade in 2014!

Therefore, students, families, and friends of the 1st graders in Room 6, I present to you "14 Exciting Things Still to Come in 1st Grade". It's going to be a great (rest of the school) year! Also, it was hard to choose just 14 things, since we always have amazing things happening in first grade. 

14 Exciting Things Still to Come in 1st Grade!

14. More science! We get to study weather and hatch chicks in our classroom! With our study of weather, we will get to meet a local meteorologist and create our own weather reports using a great new (to me) app on the iPad. 

13. Social Studies galore! Mapping and Our Place in the World/Mexico are our upcoming units! The study of Mexico will include COOKING! Yum!

12. Mystery Location Skypes--We will do lots more of these to work our geography muscles!

11. Mystery Number Skypes--Many classes across the country want to meet with us! Just next week we'll Skype with Ohio and South Dakota!

10. Flat Stanley Project--We will send a bit of Vermont around the world and learn about other countries too!

9. Trip to the Flynn Theater in Burlington! On January 22nd, we get to see a production entitled Dream Carver about a boy from Mexico with big dreams. 

7. More blogging on Kidblog, including posting videos and other multimedia! Soon, I will teach you about Wonderblogging and Wonderopolis! Students will also learn to email using their own Google accounts! Woohoo!

6. Online math learning with a tool our class and three others at UMS are piloting--Dreambox! More info on that to come VERY soon! You can access it anywhere!

5. New genres in Writing Workshop! Now that you're so good at writing personal narratives (small moments), you will learn how to write opinion pieces and reports! 

4. Nonfiction galore! We have already read lots of nonfiction, but we'll really dig into nonfiction texts in the coming weeks and months...get ready to learn many new things! 

3. The 100th Day of School! This is always an amazing day of learning and fun in 1st grade. We will make it extra special. Valentine's Day is fun at school too, and we will combine it with a "We Love to Read and Write Celebration" with our families. 

2. Annual UMS 1st Grade Bike Field Trip! This is a highlight of my year, and I can't wait to ride with all of you in June!

1. Oh my goodness! I'm already at #1?! I am not sure I can sum it up in just 14 items, so I will combine a few school-wide events at UMS to look forward to--the UMS Musical Performance in February at CHS, UMS Spirit Week in April, Field Day in June, School-Wide Meetings (our class will lead the meeting in May)...UMS sure is a happy school! (Oh, and did I mention we're going to hatch chicks?) ;-)

Happy New Year!

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