Monday, May 30, 2011

Bike Ride Preview/Tips Video

This video is meant for UMS 1st graders, but anyone's welcome to watch it...

I took some video clips while riding my bike today. I was thinking of things that students should know about bike path etiquette before our trip. I notice when I run/ride on the bike path that a lot of people don't always know what to do when passing, pulling over for a break, etc. So, I was inspired to take some quick videos to show what to do in these situations. It's not perfectly polished, but I think it will help make our trip go more smoothly. It's only fun if everyone's safe! Note (for those who watch the video): If you're wondering what I mean about cars on the bike path in flooded areas, let me clarify: on the south side of the bike path bridge between Colchester and Burlington, there is an area with significant flooding. This does not affect the path itself, but some homeowners have had to park their cars on the side of the path. Not many, but there are a few. I just want students to be aware to go around the cars and know that they are parked and not driving.

The filming is quite shaky in the video--beware! I was riding my bike, after all. You may get a bit motion sick! ;-) And there's a little mistake in the credits at the end. Oops! :-)

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