Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Checking in...

The chicks are the BIG news in first grade, but here are some other things that have been happening...

We've learned LOTS of new red words this year! Since we're nearing the end of first grade, this is great time to review how to spell them and to practice writing them neatly! SWR BINGO was a fun way to do this!

One day we wrote the words and got our BINGO boards ready...

The next day we played BINGO! Everyone earned a prize. I just ran out of time to hand them out...oops! Tomorrow!

The class worked hard to earn their "marble jar reward" for good behavior on our tree chart. The class voted to have popsicles and play outside. It was not good weather for that, so we ate popcorn and Emily's birthday cupcakes and watched a Magic School Bus movie about the journey of a chick inside the egg. Very appropriate for our current science unit, and FUN too!

I have been incorporating some free choice during our math station time. Pattern blocks have been popular all year!
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