Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An egg-cellent greeting and Happy Mother's Day (belated)!

Hello! We're busy as always in Room 6, and I have not been great at remembering to take out my camera to snap some photos. I did manage to remember a few times last week, though! Your children were SO sweet and careful about making their Mother's Day flowers. I hope they made it home to you in good shape and weren't too crushed. :-) They were bright and cheerful in our room! Happy belated Mother's Day, moms! Your children sure do have nice things to say about you! Also, THANK YOU to all those who helped to honor Teacher Appreciation Week last week. I hope everyone's having a great week and enjoying the sunny weather!

Many of our Morning Meeting greetings and activities have been chick/egg related, since we are all VERY excited about the chick eggs in our room. Today was Day 13 of 21 days of incubation. In the greeting shown above, students had to find someone with a matching sum for a math fact. One part of the egg had a math fact, the other halves had sums. A fun way to practice math facts! Students greeted one another once they found the other half of their egg. 

The math fact egg greeting--these girls found a match!

The photos below were taken at the very end of the day--I was planning to post this ON Mother's Day. I got too busy. :-) And, while I didn't capture THE photo--the one where everyone is looking and smiling--they turned out pretty cute. It was hard to chose which to include...and some children are not visible in some but are visible in others. Enjoy, and Happy Mother's Day! (Don't worry, dads, we'll remember you too!) :-)


  1. Thank you and happy belated Mother's day to you too! The flowers were beautiful! My kids want to make some this summer to send to their grandma :)

  2. Loved the flowers!