Monday, May 2, 2011

Science Update

We have been busy scientists over the past few months, and the last six weeks of school will be no exception! We were not able to finish our Solids and Liquids unit before vacation, so we will continue to study this topic over the next week or so. And, as you know, we are in the process of hatching chicks and learning about the chicken life cycle. So, we have science on the brain! :-) Since the chicks take about 21 days to develop and hatch after being set in the incubator, we have plenty of time to learn about what's going on inside the egg AND to explore solids and liquids. Here are some photos of recent activities...

Chick Life Cycle...

Each day we have three "egg turners." This simulates how a mother hen turns her eggs. We are very quick about this, but also very gentle!

Solids and Liquids...

We spent time last week discussing the properties of solid objects. Students were great at using words like rigid, flexible, pointed, and smooth to describe objects.
Students rotated through four science stations related to solids and liquids. The "sink or float" experiment was popular. Students made predictions and tested to see which solids would float in a liquid (water). We had some surprises! 

At one station, students could choose to do a solid/liquid/gas sort or explore books about this science topic.

After learning about the properties of solids, students used a variety of solid materials to build structures.
Exploring science books.
Eager scientists!
Working together to sort pictures.

We have talented builders in our class!

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