Friday, March 30, 2012

New technology!

This was another exciting week in terms of technology in our classroom! I introduced the MP3 players (thank you to the four families who offered to record books on MP3 for us!). Students enjoyed listening to the great recordings during our Reading Workshop. 

But, I don't think anything can compare to the excitement that resulted from the announcement that the new iPad cart is here! I have been researching and implementing instruction with the iPad throughout this school year. We are fortunate in our classroom to have had an iPad AND an Apple TV for a while now. Whatever is on any iPad can be projected onto the interactive whiteboard. This has allowed us to do some pretty amazing things! Your children LOVE the iPad and really enjoy using the apps. They all know what "mirroring" to the Apple TV means, so if you're not sure--ask a 1st grader! ;-)

So, today, when I announced that the UMS iPad cart is here and ready to go, students were SOOOO excited! (I don't blame them--it is an amazing learning tool!) We are part of a pilot at UMS. There are three teachers at UMS who are part of this pilot. Right now, the cart houses 20 iPads, and they are all equipped with apps that are appropriate for learning in the primary grades. The cart will be available to all beginning in the 2012-2013 school year. In the meantime, me, the other two UMS teachers, and the students in our classes will help work out the kinks. What a fun and useful task! I feel confident in saying that our class will do amazing things with these iPads. They are equipped with some great knowledge and motivation and are ready to GO!

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