Sunday, March 25, 2012

Skypin' about the weather

We put our web cam to good use again on Friday--we had a great Skype visit with a 2nd grade class in Ohio. The plan was great--our students would ask questions of the 2nd graders to try to figure out their location based on clues, and then our 1st graders would do the same. It worked great for figuring out the mystery location of the class in Ohio...until I let the cat out of the bag about our "secret" location. Oops! I inadvertently mentioned Vermont as the Ohio kids were describing their weather (we all had unusually warm weather last week). Oh no! Our class was pretty good natured about it, laughing that I was worried about them revealing our location accidentally and then it was ME who actually let it slip! The main focus of this virtual visit was to compare and contrast weather conditions as a part of our science unit about weather. It was a great activity for that, and it really got students thinking about US geography! We will have another Skype visit this week...and I will do my best to keep our location a secret! ;-)

I just loved seeing this student hard at work on this letter during dismissal time on Friday. I don't know if it was the Skype visit or what it was, but he left school very happy on Friday! :-) (There was more about how much "school rocks" but he wanted to take it home to work on it.) 
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