Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nick Johnston (a meteorologist) Visits UMS!

Nick Johnston, meteorologist with ABC22 and Fox44 News, visited our class and Mrs. Hughes' class today at school. He came with a great slideshow and a miniature tornado science experiment he designed himself! Students asked many questions about weather, and Mr. Johnston was very patient about trying to answer everyone's questions--there were a lot! (Students seem especially interested in severe weather.) It was neat to meet a meteorologist in person and find out more about his job. I was impressed with how much students could share about what they know about weather too!

I took a few photos on the camera too, just in case the iPad pictures and video did not turn out...

Classes smiling with Mr. Johnston
Classes being silly with Mr. Johnston!
He was blocked in the group photos, so he got his very own personal photo with our special guest. :-)

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  1. I loved hearing Paxton share everything that she learned from your guest....especially about where we should go if there was ever a tornado!