Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lino It!

We have been using a cool tool during our science time recently--Lino It. It's a web-based program that allows us to make virtual sticky notes and to change them in many ways--content, color, font, etc. Last week, we made two Lino It virtual bulletin boards with sticky notes to answer the questions, "What do you THINK you know about weather" and "What do you want to learn about weather?" It's important to find out what students already know about a subject and also to learn about any misconceptions students might have going into the study. If you look at our first board, you'll see there are some misconceptions we'll have to address during our unit. And it's extremely valuable to find out what students want to learn to make sure everyone's engaged and motivated!

It was great to hear students' thinking and to hear them discuss how we should move the sticky notes around according to commonalities, subject matter, and more. Very impressive first grade thinking!

Click on the links below to see our "Lino It" bulletin boards!

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