Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Glimpse into Reading Workshop

Students meet with me for a book club at least once per week, a time when I can meet with students in small groups to better meet their needs. Since we are focusing on instructional text (nonfiction) in our whole-group reading lessons, we are taking a careful look at this type of text in our book club groups as well. Soon, we will form interest-based groups to study topics that students wish to explore. Most book clubs are focusing on the importance of asking and answer questions during reading. Reading with a question(s) in mind helps a reader read with purpose, which enhances comprehension. Sometimes, the questions we ask are not answered in the book we're reading, which has lead to some great discussions about what we should do when we want to learn more about a topic (read more!).

Concentrating hard during Read to Self time!
Engaged in nonfiction during a book club meeting today!
These two had some amazing book talk!

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  1. We just finished writing nonfiction texts! We noticed a boy reading a book about goldfish, we just got fish in our class this week! Do you have any class pets?