Monday, January 27, 2014

Weather: The Water Cycle!

Our learning about the water cycle began today, but there is LOTS more to come!

Today, students learned a water cycle song, made a bracelet to help learn the phases of the water cycle, and labeled and color a diagram of the water cycle. We will do more water cycle exploration tomorrow, and we'll begin our learning about clouds!

We also began a close reading of this book:

Thunderstorms are a fascinating (and complicated) subject! We will continue to explore this text together tomorrow. Students were careful, thoughtful thinkers about the questions I posed to them today. We learned that it's helpful to go back and reread to better understand something and to verify our thinking. Were we right? Why or why not? What evidence in the text justifies our answer? Pretty impressive first grade thinking, don't you agree?!


  1. We like the bracelets you made. We wonder and learn too!

  2. It's cool that you are learning about the water cycle. We are learning about physics using balls and ramps. Did you know the ramp can be a simple machine? We look forward to learning more about clouds and the water cycle from you! Thanks for sharing the book title you are reading with us. We will have to check it out from our library.
    Thank you,
    Ms. Smith's Class

  3. Did you know we are learning about asking questions when we read too?