Monday, January 6, 2014

Ice Cream?!

What better way to spend a sub-zero Friday afternoon than to make ice cream during a science lesson?! It seems strange, I know, but this experiment is always a favorite way to end our study of solids and liquids. In any case, it was a fun (and VERY messy) experiment. It had to be done in two parts, which only enhanced our problem solving skills as scientists.

Friday was the first attempt. We followed the directions, but after lots of shaking, most of us still didn't have ice cream--just soupy liquid. Our theory was that we needed more ice and more salt. Also, our bags were leaking a lot, which caused for very cold hands and fingers! We decided as a class to try again Monday.

Meanwhile...I had an idea. Instead of having everyone re-do the experiment, why not pop the "failed" bags of ice cream soup in my freezer for the weekend, and start again with fresh ingredients for a class team attempt at making ice cream on Monday? We used more ice, a bit more salt, and double bags to keep that salt and ice away from our hands. Guess what?! It worked! Sadly, it was time for P.E. when we finally got ice cream after our group shaking (see video) and everyone wanted to eat the ice cream from attempt #1. So, the bags from attempt #2 sit outside the the snow! Perhaps we'll do another taste test tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will finish our Solids and Liquids notebooks and students will bring them home. Next up--WEATHER! This is a perfect unit to do following a study of solids and liquids, as there are so many connections. We will do many more experiments too. Hooray!

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