Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Marvelous Monday!

Not only was it a WARM Monday (wow--82 degrees by dismissal time!) but it was also quite magical in many ways! We started something brand new today--a virtual book club! We are connecting with classes throughout the USA (and a couple in Canada) to read the book, My Father's Dragon. It's a classic--have you read it? So far, so good. We will read a chapter each day and share our questions, thoughts, and ideas using the Twitter hashtag #1bc14. You can check our our contributions with this link: You can also go to Twitter and find the hashtag to see all the Tweets about the book. This is just another way to help students understand how we can connect and share in so many ways! It's fun to see some familiar classes participating, as we've done Mystery Skypes and blog buddies with several of the participating classes. We really have reached beyond the four walls of our classroom this year!

We went "low-tech" with our SWR lesson today about the -ing 'chunk.' We explored how -ing can be used like a word family (ring, sing, thing, bring, etc.) and it can also be added to the end of other words to show action that is happening now.

This oddly shaped pink thing will become part of our 'word family caterpillar,' which has grown quite long! 

Oh, now that I think about it more, we didn't go completely tech-free in our SWR lesson today...students loved this catchy video to help learn the newest red word--about! 

Of course, we did a lot more today, but that's a snippet of our day. Watch for a math update coming soon! 

Have a great week!

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