Thursday, April 17, 2014

UMS "Fill a Bucket" Day

Have you filled a bucket today? Today was "Fill a Bucket" Day at UMS. While we should "fill buckets" every day, it was nice to have a special day to reflect on what it means to be a "bucket filler" and to work hard to fill everyone's bucket. What does it mean to be a bucket filler? In short, it means that you are kind to yourself and others with your actions and words. The idea of bucket filling (and bucket dipping--which is what we try NOT to do) comes from this book:

This book is a great reminder of how to be kind to one another.

We made buckets with cups today--complete with a pipe cleaner handle! Mr. Antonicci came into the classroom while students were busily writing "fill a bucket" notes to each other. His bucket was surely filled during his visit! :-)

There were smiles all around when students received kind notes in their buckets!

Making the buckets and writing the notes was fun too. Students wrote A LOT! Our note-writing time went for quite a while since everyone was getting into the spirit of bucket filling. These pictures were uploaded in reverse order--sorry about that! 

Passing the bucket and a compliment at Morning Meeting--check out that smile!

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