Thursday, April 17, 2014

Math Update

A student excitedly told me today that, rather than watching a bit of TV before school, she is now doing extra math pages using her old math journal. Well, if that didn't make me smile, I don't know what would! ;-) Our conversation reminded me that I intended to write a brief note to families about the first Everyday Math journal that was sent home earlier this week. Don't be alarmed that there are some incomplete pages--we often joke that if we had students do every page, our program would have to be called "all day, every day" math. The journal is meant to supplement the learning, so while we do work in it every day, it's not a goal to finish every page at school. How your child uses it now that it's been sent home is up to you. We are now working in Volume 2 of the journal, which will go home at the end of the school year. The journal pages do provide valuable practice of previously taught math concepts, so I encourage students to work in them at home whenever time allows (but it's not required).

Also, just a reminder that there are MANY online math resources (and other subjects too) linked through this blog. Your child is welcomed and encouraged to access them from anywhere! That goes for Dreambox, Raz-Kids, Kidblog...anything! Please be in touch with questions.

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