Sunday, February 12, 2012

Go Fish!

Wow! I knew we had great artists in this class, but I was once again impressed last week as students created painted fish to help us get in the spirit for our school musical, Go Fish! The entire school created fish-themed works of art, and going through our hallway is a bit like being in the ocean! :-) Inspiration for this project came from the songs of the school musical, a book called Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins (which we did not actually read, but accessed images of online), and two books about a fish named Stanley: Bright Stanley and Bright Stanley and the Cave Monster.

Here are some photos of the works in progress...

And here are the finished works (see below)! I am not quite done with this more student has to complete his project and I still have to give it a "Title." 

I would frame any of these and put them in my house! Beautiful work, first graders!

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