Friday, February 3, 2012

Handing over the camera...and some updates! :-)

Our new digital cameras have come in very handy for me! I was feeling badly this morning about all the great stuff going on around me while I was busy teaching. Not feeling badly that great stuff was going on, of course, but bad that I wasn't able to walk around with the camera to capture snapshots for you! So, while I was doing a 1:1 reading assessment with a student, I asked two students to go around and take pictures. This is what they recorded...

These two decided to try to write 100 words for the 100th day of school (we started some 100th  Day activities a bit early, to try to fit more in!)
100th Day Dot Monsters! Lots of counting and dotting going on here!
Hmm...not sure what this literacy station activity was! But it does look fun!
I guarantee I could never get this look when I'm in charge of the camera! ;-) Fun at the "Listening to Reading" station.
I just LOVE this picture! Students take great pictures of one another!
More 100 word writing fun!
A brain break, perhaps!? Not sure...
A big happening today was the introduction of the "Math Menu." We do two math stations every day. Students will visit one station on the math menu and a teacher station each day. Then next day, they'll do the two stations they did not do the day before.
This is our current Math Menu.
Countdown is a popular choice in the "Fact Practice" station.
The number grid puzzles are challenging, but fun! These are in the "Number Sense" station.
We are using lots of games to practice math facts. This is a game to practice doubles facts.
More students enjoying Countdown!
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