Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miss a math lesson? Check this out!

I keep finding incredible applications to use on the iPad, and there are some neat things to come in first grade using the iPads (STUDENTS using them, not just me!). Educreations is my latest find. I was playing around with it today and thought about two recent math lessons--Name Collection Boxes and Fact Families. We had a lot of illness in our classroom a couple weeks ago and several students missed these main lessons. I made a couple of short tutorial videos on the iPad, which I've embedded below. I am eager to have students be the voice on videos like this...showing something they know, explaining their thinking...the possibilities are endless!

(Press the Play arrow to see the "videos.")

1 comment:

  1. WoW! Mini-lessons online! Very cool! Not only did you send home clear printed explanation of the math concepts, my kid mimic'd the lesson you taught the kids on our low tech whiteboard, AND you gave an explanation online (while parenting your own kids. Impressive dedication, exemplary teaching, and commitment to find unique ways to communicate with families. thank you!