Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flynn Theater Trip=A Success!

Do to the "no technology" rule at the Flynn Theater, I do not have many pictures from our FANTASTIC field trip last Wednesday. Although we got off to a late start due to some bus confusion, we made it just in time and had great seats for the production of Skippyjon Jones. I have been to many student matinees at the Flynn, and I think this was my favorite. The books are hilarious (in my opinion) and the play was equally, if not more, funny. The setting of this book in Mexico was such a great connection to our current social studies unit of study, and the infusion of Spanish words (some real, some not) was fun too. Most first graders gave the play rave reviews, although a few didn't like that the play deviated from the story line of the book. We discussed how this is sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons. In this case, nothing was taken away from the story, but a lot of material was added to add depth to the characters and their emotions. I did take a few photos after the show as we waited for our group to be dismissed.

Oops! I used the flash for this one!
Our seats were so close! It was a packed house during the performance.
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