Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reading Workshop--Wonderful Words

Since last week, we have turned our focus to vocabulary during Reading Workshop mini-lessons and read-aloud sessions. We have now add two strategies to the Expand Vocabulary section of our CAFE reading strategy board: "Tune into interesting words" and "Use your schema and context clues to determine possible meanings." I have previously shared resources from a professional site I enjoy, The Daily Cafe, via the 'Parent Info' tab on this blog. Yesterday, I sent a printed copy of a "Parent Pipeline" newsletter that I found through this website to better explain the strategy I taught yesterday--how students can figure out the meaning of a word they don't know using their schema (what they know about the world, other books, etc.) and the context clues in the book (other words in the sentence/paragraph and the pictures). I will continue to send these newsletters home as they are relevant to what students are learning in reading. I hope they are helpful!

Stay tuned for more information about our vocabulary learning in first grade!

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