Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making salsa!

Our study of Mexico has taken a turn towards the culinary side! Yesterday afternoon, we made salsa! We have a great how-to book, How to Make Salsa, which I used as the basis for the recipe (with a couple of changes). As I told the class, our cooking projects this week are a great connection between our study of Mexico in Social Studies and our study of procedural writing (how-to) in Reading/Writing Workshop. Recipes are a great example of procedural writing. We will be making guacamole later this week. Yum!

Students passed around a sprig of cilantro to smell and touch. This was a new ingredient for many students. And yes, that is Miss Dube! She is now visiting/helping out on Monday afternoons. Hooray!
This time, I did the chopping. Our document camera has many uses. I felt like Rachael Ray! :-)
Students squeezed the limes and helped get the chopped ingredients into the bowl.
Stir, stir, PASS! Everyone helped with the mixing!
The class voted to make our salsa a little less chunky with a spin in my mini food processor.  
The salsa was a hit! Everyone tried it and many asked for seconds. :-)

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  1. We prefer Ina Garten (aka Barefoot Contessa) in our house to Rachael Ray! Marnie very much enjoyed making salsa though.

    1. Ah, good one! I prefer her too. I felt like Ina Garten! :-) We will see if guacamole is as well received as the salsa. And I might get brave and try making homemade chips too. We shall see. :-)